1688 Purchasing Agent

       What's 1688 Purchasing Agent? You need to understand 1688.com firstly. www.1688.com is an B2B website under Alibaba Group targeting the Chinese market, aiming to launch the world's largest procurement and wholesale market for small businesses in China. It focuses on solving the problem of difficult procurement and wholesale for small businesses. Committed to enhancing their competitiveness, It has become the preferred website for global merchants to sell products, expand markets,and promote online. Get the best deals on Chinese products through 1688 Sourcing. It's a one stop solution for finding the best Chinese suppliers and products you can't get from any English B2B platform.

But,when foreign buyers purchase goods directly on www.1688.com, they may encounter the following issues.

Foreign Buyers Beware: The Challenges of Buying from 1688.com



 Then, You can seek help from purchasing agents to solve the above problems. 

How Purchasing Agent Help Foreigners to Buy Through 1688.com