Price & Fees

    As a purchasing agent, we don't sell products. Our goal is to save you procurement time and costs. The procurement agency fees are also very transparent, with no hidden costs or commissions.

    Our fees are very affordable,Based on the total amount of goods you purchased, we will deduct a certain amount of fees as commission based on the total value of the goods, excluding shipping fees. We will provide a detailed list of commissions and shipping fees.

Total of purchase amount (Total)             Agency purchase fees(excluding the freight)
Total <$1000 $50
$1,001<Total<$3,000 5% of the Total
$6,001<Total<$10,000 4% of the Total
$10,001<Total<$15,000  3.5% of the Total
$15,001<Total<$20,000 3% of the Total
$20,001 upwards 2.5% of the Total


    The above billing method is applicable to account remittance. If you use PayPal payment method, due to bank service fees, we will charge an additional 3% service fee for the total amount (goods and shipping costs).

    We only charge very reasonable service fees. We will follow up on production, product inspection, quality control, product validation, and freight management. We are your Chinese procurement department and also your Chinese friends.