1. What is 1688.com ?

www.1688.com is an B2B website under Alibaba Group targeting the Chinese market, aiming to launch the world's largest procurement and wholesale market for small businesses in China. It focuses on solving the problem of difficult procurement and wholesale for small businesses. Committed to enhancing their competitiveness, It has become the preferred website for global merchants to sell products, expand markets, and promote online. It's a one stop solution for finding the best Chinese suppliers and products you can't get from any English B2B platform.


2Why do we prefer the method of account transfer for receiving payments?

Due to China's foreign exchange control policies and the tendency of Chinese suppliers to receive payments in RMB, foreigners are required to exchange foreign exchange in advance when purchasing goods within China. For convenience, we can assist foreign buyers in paying the purchase price on behalf of them, and buyers can use foreign currency to transfer the actual payment through our company account.


3. What if I can't find the product I want on ePathChina or 1688?

You can send us the product requirements and we will help you find them.


4. What should I do if your price does not match 1688?

Please let us know and make the correction immediately.