1.5-10mm medium woodworking hand drill precision key 45 steel double gear hand drill drilling tool


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Precision drill chuck using drill key chuck, clamping accuracy is higher

Hand drill DIY woodworking drill hand drill teaching supplies tools


Product specifications:3/8 inch

Drill clamping range: 1.5-10mm(3/8 inch)

Blank steel is suitable for wood, plate, bamboo, soft thin iron sheet, plastic, PVC, acrylic, etc., and is not suitable for drilling hard metal materials, ceramic tiles, concrete, etc.


Product features:

1. Drill rack and hand disc45 steel, precision silicon melt process casting drill frame and hand disc

2. The plastic handle is polypropylene plastic; the handle can be opened to receive the drill bit

3. Double gear drive

4, drill key chuck bit size 1.5-10mm


Scope of application: the product does not need any power to drive, hand-cranked control speed and drilling position, compared to the electric drill is easy to control and safe, but the speed is low, the transmission torque is small, so not suitable for drilling hard metal materials, tiles, masonry, concrete, etc; suitable for wood, bamboo, soft thin iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, PVC, acrylic, glass fiber board, circuit board, etc. It is an ideal tool for woodworking, DIY enthusiasts, model enthusiasts, students' practical ability test, teaching practice and so on.

The following drill key chuck bit size 1.5-10mm

Product Info
Item nohand drill large key (3/8)1.5-10mm (black handle)
Material45 steel
ModelMedium-sized double gear hand drill
Nameprecision key section medium woodworking hand drill
Order numberwoodworking hand drill
Processing customizationno
Scope of Applicationwoodworking hand drill
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceNo
Whether to importno

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