1/4 screw Gp long suction cup car bracket hero9/8/7/5 car suction cup small ant sports accessories


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Long suction cup (adapter is equipped separately) Gp accessory suction cup bracket is suitable for Hero9/8/7/6/5/4 3 2 1




Product details:




Soft rubber suction cup adsorption strength




Chassis suction cup for transparent color soft rubber, diameter of 7cm. The actual measurement proves that it can be used as a Gp driving recorder to fix it on the car window, motorcycle and glass, and can stably adsorb on the surface of the object.




Simple to use and easy to operate




The adjustment knob can easily and quickly adjust the angle and direction of the camera, and can be fixed firmly.


The suction and discharge switch is easy to operate and can be installed and disassembled without any tools.




Strong compatibility for a wide range of applications




If another Gp base adapter is provided, Gp Hero1/2/3/3 can be used. Remove the Gp base adapter,

This product can also be used for other digital cameras with 1/4 screw holes at the bottom, or driving recorders with 1/4 screw holes connected to the frame.

Spiral mouth Gp long suction cup car bracket hero4/3 car suction cup small ant sports camera accessories Gp, small ant long suction cup car bracket

Add a tripod conversion seat,

Suitable for Gp Hero9/8/7/6/5/4/2/3 and SupTig and AEE , SONY HDR-AS15 and other general digital cameras,

Universal 1/4 inch threaded port for digital cameras (remove the conversion seat and can be used for ordinary cameras)

  • Maximum height: 111mm




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