37 type deceleration motor holder 37GB motor holder GA intelligent car mounting holder diy motor bracket


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Metal fixing frame, iron fixing seat, suitable for 37 type gear motor. Suitable for fixing 37GB, 37GA gearboxes. Without screws.

(1) Height: about 45mm

(2) bottom area size: 40*40mm

(3) bottom 4 fixed hole diameter: 3.5mm

(4) Side motor fixed aperture: M3

(5) The farthest distance between the 6 fixing holes on the side: about 31.5mm

Product Info
3C configuration categorytoys over 14 years old
Applicable ageYouth (15-35 years old)
Brandpunch crown model
Car model scalefull scale
Categorycar model
Control moderemote control
Main downstream platformindependent station
Main sales areaMiddle East
Main Sales RegionAfrica
Metal ClassificationIron
Packingnet bag
Processing customizationYes
Processing methodsample customization
Product categorytoy car
Type of foreign tradeexport
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceYes
Whether electricno
Whether exclusively for foreign tradeno
Whether foreign tradeYes
Whether multi-functionno
Whether static modelNo
Whether there is animation imageno

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