10 kinds of 50 L7805/7806/7812/7824/LM317 three-terminal regulator classification box kit


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* 50 l7805-lm317 three-terminal regulator transistor classification kit
* Including 10 models, which can meet your different needs
* Suitable for electronics professionals or enthusiasts
* Can be used as a basic semiconductor device for controlling current and a non-contact switch
* Each transistor has a clear mark, so that you can quickly identify the type of transistor you need
* Fitted with a box for easy storage and carrying
* Quantity: 50/set
* Kit includes:
5pcs l7805
5pcs l7806
5pcs l7808
5PC l7809
5pcs l7810
5pcs l7812
5pcs l7815
5pcs l7818
5pcs l7824
5pcs lm317

Product Info
BrandLing Hong module
Featured servicethree-terminal regulator classification box kit 50
Licensable private labelYes
Main downstream platformLAZADA
Main sales areaMiddle East
Main Sales RegionNorth America
Modelthree-end regulator classification box kit 50
Processor SpeedS
Supply CurrentDefault
Supply voltage3.6V
TypePower Module
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceYes

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