3D printer 42 linear T8 screw stepper motor nema17 motor 1.7A40mm screw with nut


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two-phase four-wire (red, blue, green, black or red, green, yellow and blue corresponding to a + a- b + b- ) phase number refers to the number of coil groups inside the motor. Currently, two-phase, three-phase, four-phase and five-phase stepping motors are commonly used. The number of motor phases is different, and the step angle is also different. Generally, the step angle of the two-phase motor is 0.9 °/1.8 °, the three-phase motor is 0.75 °/1.5 °, and the five-phase motor is 0.36 °/0.72 °. Then four wires means that there are four wires for the outgoing line of the motor.

Conventional indicators and parameters:

Step angle/Step angle 1.8 °

Step angle accuracy/Positions Accuracy ± 5%

Phase/Phase 2

Rotor Inertia/Rotor Inertia 57(gf-cm2)

Weight/weight 0.4(kg)

-holding force distance/Holding Torque 4.0(kg.cm)

Rated Resistance/Phase Rated Resistance/Phase 2.2±10%(ohm)

Rated current/phase Rated Current/Phase 1.5(a)

Rated voltage Rate Voltage 3.3v

screw 8mm

l 8mm

Length 300mm

Weight: 385.2g

Product Info
BrandKINGROON/Kai Pang
Main downstream platformLAZADA
Main sales areaOther
Main Sales RegionNorth America
Modelintegrated screw motor
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceYes

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