5MM F5 LED LED 500pcs red, yellow, blue, green and white each 100 f5 in-line led lamp short pin


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  • 500 or more $1.81
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5mm LED luminous tube series of red, yellow, blue, green and white each 100, a total of 500

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Product Info
1000 hours conventional agingstandard
96 hours accelerated agingstandard
Chip BrandStandard
Color rendering index60-70
Color ToleranceStandard
ESD (Human Body Mode)Standard
Item noSEG H10
Light Angle30
Light intensity/luminous fluxstandard
Luminous EfficiencyStandard
Maximum allowable junction temperatureStandard
Model5MM LED
Order numberSEG
Overall dimensions5
Substrate materialstandard
Thermal resistance≤ 5
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceNo
Whether to importno
Working currentstandard
Working voltage2.8-3.0

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