5mm LED light emitting diode boxed transistor 500 100 per color


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500 5mm LED Round Light Emitting Diode Transistor

5MM white hair 100
5MM green hair green 100
5MM blue hair blue 100
5MM red hair 100
5MM yellow yellow 100

Warm Tip: Due to the workload is large and cumbersome, do not rule out individual models repeat or lack of one or two errors!

Product Info
Color rendering indexmore than 90
Item no120
Light Angle90
Luminous Efficiency90
Main downstream platformebay
Model5MM LED
Order number5MM LED
Overall dimensions5
Substrate materialordinary aluminum substrate
Thermal resistance≤ 50
Whether cross-border export exclusive sourceYes
Whether to importno
Working current20
Working voltage1.8-3.4

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