8 kinds of commonly used diode combination 200 only contain 1N40071N41481N58195408 FR107 and other mixed boxes


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8 kinds of commonly used diode combination, a total of 200, each number is as follows:

1N4148 50 only

1N4007 50 only

1N5819 20 only

1N5399 20 only

FR107 20 only

FR207 20 only

1N5408 10 only

1N5822 10 only

Gift storage box 1!

Product Info
Applicationhousehold appliances
Forward current (If)
Forward voltage (Vf)
MaterialGermanium (Ge)
Modelcommonly used diode package
Reverse current (Ir)
Reverse Repetitive Voltage (Vrrm)

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